Olga B.

300+ hrs Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

My first contact with Yoga happened at Ganesha Yoga Shala hand in hand with my beloved teacher Paloma Baker,  who has been a great support and the best guide throughout my journey in becoming a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher (Costa Rica, 2012). I am honored to be able to keep on learning from her while teaching at Jivamukti Yoga Puebla.

Throughout my teenage years, I was a trained gymnast, and I have my teachers, Hilda and Gabriela Amézaga, to thank for teaching me that discipline and consistency are key to reaching any goal.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been an advocate for animal rights. Jivamukti Yoga promotes a compassionate lifestyle and spiritual activism, so I found that my path was intricately linked with its philosophy. I find that compassion and love towards oneself and others are key to a happy life. Being a psychologist, I have found the way to include yoga in my professional life as well.

To me, each and every student represents the power we all have to change the world through compassionate, peaceful and loving actions. I love to watch them grow and grow alongside with them as well. I recognize them as my greatest teachers.

I have had the honor to be in the presence of great teachers such as Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari, Sri Dharma Mittra, Jules Febre, Lady Ruth, Jeffrey Cohen, Gerson Frau, Rafael Cervantes, Thelma Esquitín, Armando Guerrero, Ana Camargo, and of course, every teacher that has been a part of Ganesha Yoga Shala and Jivamukti Yoga Puebla.

I have the honor of being Assistant Director in the first Jivamukti Yoga School in Latin America.

Hari OM

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